Beats & Japan-eats! Godzilla Edition!

Join Analog for our monthly Beats & Eats as this month we take on Gozilla Edition! Beats & Japan-eats!

Beats & Eats is a 4-course dinner matched with each course matched with perfect cocktail pairing. Seats do fill up fast so be sure to reserve yours today by emailing or buy tickets here to automatically save your seat!

THIS MONTHS THEME: Beats & Japan-eats! Godzilla Edition!

PRICE: It’s a 4 course dinner paired with 4 mixed drinks for only $40 per person!

RESERVATION ONLY: Please email to reserve your spot or buy tickets here to automatically save your seat!

Beats & Eats is Analog bar’s private dinner held once every month and is now limited to only 30 guests. The dinner consists of 4 courses each paired with a handcrafted cocktail.

Our Head Chef & Bar Manager are dedicated soley to creating our specialized courses throughout the evening. The two prepare a specialized and themed menu not offered in the main dining/bar area. Each course is explained and served with the dinner starting promptly at 7pm and ending at 9pm.